Now and Then – The Game

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Now and Then - The Game

A game for iConference? – What is it about? – How do I play it?

By now you will have downloaded the Aurasma app to your iPhone or Android device enabling you to play the Now and Then game. This game will let you find hidden artifacts in the environment and thereby let you experience Fort Worth from the past and informally learn about the people that helped shape the city.

There are four paths of the game:

1. Inside the hotel which is your training path

2. On the Sundance Square

3. In the Fort Worth Stockyards

4. In the Cultural District

Play the game by Thursday 11:00 am to win! Follow the clues given by each artifact you find. Enjoy and have fun!

How to set-up and use the Aurasma app to play:Aurasma

You can make a free account with Aurasma by clicking the person icon to the very right at the bottom of the app (dark gray in the right image above). It is not required for playing the Now and Then game though. Click on the account tab and fill in the required information to set up the account. After this, follow the below steps:

1). Click on the looking glass at the bottom of the Aurasma app.

2). Type in iConference in the search field – the iConference by Koan School will appear.

3). Click on the tiny arrow pointing right.

4). Make sure to click Follow iConference 2013.

5.) You are now ready to start looking for hidden artifacts in the environment. Click the cube at the bottom of the Aurasma window to get started.

Find your first clue by looking for the oval hotel sign located in various places around the  site. Play the game by Thursday 11:00 am with chances to win!


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