Companion (passing through) at Modern, Fort Worth

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January 22, 2013 by ripleyarnoldx

Companion (passing through) by KAWS

Companion (passing through) outside the Modern Museum
in Fort Worth
until March 10, 2013

Visiting Fort Worth for iConference? Another visitor that is here is the Companion (passing through). Sitting outside of the Modern Museum, this wonderful fiberglass installation by KAWS reminds me of Mickey Mouse. It was scheduled to leave in January so I wasn’t going to mention it in my blog, however, I learned today that it is going to remain seated here until March 10th. This means you will have time to see him while in Fort Worth!!

Companion (passing through)

Photographed from different angles so that you can see how cool it is!

On the museum website I found the following description of Companion (passing through): It “reflects a modern-day human condition. Although we may initially feel connected to it through its familiarity, we also sympathize with what it models to us: its posture and pose suggest sadness, fatigue, and the feeling of being overwhelmed”  (Modern, 2013). I love the part about feeling overwhelmed. That is certainly how I feel many times. In particular with all technology fighting for my attention; Facebook, Google+, text messages, and email while I try to do my school work. I guess the hiding behind the Mickey hands really speaks to me. Check him out if you have a chance while you are in Fort Worth!


During Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in 2012 the Companion (passing through) was made a 40–foot long balloon. There is a lovely picture of it here:

Below is a quote from the sign next to Companion (passing through), about the artist. (Click the picture to read all of the text)


“Companion (passing through), 2010
Fiberglass, metal structure, and paint
Courtesy Honor Fraser Gallery and Private Collection

KAWS was raised in Jersey City, New Jersey, where he emerged as a graffiti artist in the early 1990s. He later studied at the School of Visual Arts, New York City (1993-96), shifting his focus to creating public “interventions” by altering imagery on billboards and advertisements, and in bus shelters and phone booths. These subversive interventions led to collaborations with commercial photographers and designers, and to KAWS’s evolution toward making original artworks. Today KAWS comfortably straddles the commercial and fine art worlds. He is well-known for his pop-oriented paintings, drawings, ad sculptures that are widely exhibited across the globe; and he is acclaimed as a graphic artist and a creator of highly sought-after editioned toys, apparel, and other products.”


Modern (2013). Companion (passing through). Retrieved from


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